Movie production techniques could help create more sustainable cities

A few solutions to the refugee crisis have surfaced in the past year, but one method from an unlikely source might just be the most promising yet. Alex McDowell, a production designer whose background includes blockbusters like Man of Steel and The Minority Report and World Building Institute Director, is utilizing a production design technique to create a sustainable refugee camp.

As presented at Berlinale Talents‘ panel discussion Migratory Narratives: The Future World Of The Refugee Camp, McDowell plans to use the World Building technique in order to generate a hyper-realistic mock-up of a refugee camp development. The technique, which he established during production of The Minority Report, focuses on constructing models based on particular situations, then introducing a human character to see how they respond and interact with the design. The World Building Institute aims to focus on a specific narrative that precedes the conditions in which they create solutions for, as told on their website. In other terms, the story in which a design originates is integral to understanding the nature of a project and producing a proper solution.

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