Animated Artwork Tracks Energy Consumption in Endless Variations

Animated Artwork Tracks Energy Consumption in Endless Variations
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Raw energy production data gets visualized in a stunning and responsive display

Eva Recinos
  • 3 march 2016

Visualizing data often results in standard formats like charts and graphs. But many creative minds have experimented with what happens when you take raw information and transform it into something refreshingly interactive. One eye-catching project in Vienna, dubbed Monolith, is doing just that—and bringing attention to environmental issues.

A collaboration between Studio Process and CheckPoint Media for Raiffeisenhaus Wien GesbR, Monolith is a towering installation that tracks energy consumption and production. With the help of sensors, it gathers data that becomes visual information. The self-described “animated, generative visual artwork” changes according to this data.

Standing at a little over 13 feet tall, the piece currently sits in the entrance hall of a skyscraper near Vienna’s Donaukanal river.

The Studio Process website contains a more detailed breakdown of these data points:

“In different chapters, data used for cooling, heating as well as photovoltaic energy and electricity consumption is fed into different algorithms for generating visual output. The main focus is to compare between day and night, winter and summer—and warm and cold cycles. Potentially endless variations of visual output are generated, depending on the current energy within the building.”

Each visual theme in the piece is grouped into a category: Cooling, Heating, Electricity and Photovoltaics. Each visualization is starkly different from the next, varying in color and patterns. The eye-catching imagery pulses at some stages and remains unmoving in others. Seen at night from a distance, the piece glows bright in the dark.

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Monolith serves as another example in which data can be used to create visually stunning pieces, especially within public settings. Even viewers who might encounter the piece without any background information can appreciate its aesthetic nature. Monolith is a permanent installation and will continue to measure data on energy.

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