Step Into a Slow-Motion Video Booth

Step Into a Slow-Motion Video Booth

This booth captures moments at molasses speed for repeated, stylized viewing

Eva Recinos
  • 4 march 2016

The photo booth continues to be popular at weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. In Japan, Purikura is the name for photo booths where users can pose with props in front of bright, playful backgrounds. But no matter the format—or geographical location—the photo booth is a special place for users to let loose and show off their best funny faces. Asahi teamed up with creative agency 10x to bring a twist on the traditional photo booth. The Asahi Slow-Mo Booth captures fun moments and replays them in slow-motion.

Up to four people can step into the booth—shaped like an Asahi pint glass—and show off their best dance moves or hair flips. The booth sends these videos to users so they can instantly share them on social media with #AsahiSlowMo.

Made of 1,500 metal rings, the booth took more than 300 hours to create. In keeping with the beer theme, the booth simulates what it might feel like to literally be inside an Asahi pint.

Asahi Slow-Mo Booth

Asahi Slow-Mo Booth

The booth, for example, launches 100 ping-pong balls in the air to mimic the bubbles in beer. Malt-infused condensation also adds another sensorial layer to the experience. Each user gets a token in the shape of an Asahi bottle cap which they insert into a coin slot.

In case you’re wondering just how much beer the booth could actually hold: approximately more than 12,000 bottle or 7,000 pints of Asahi.

The Asahi Slow-Mo Booth begins its global tour at Truman Brewery in London.


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