Pick your best shots and instantly share them using high tech data-tracking sensors

“The first time I went to buy a camera [a GoPro] to strap onto my surfboard, it suddenly opened up a world of possibilities in my mind as to the shots I can produce and things I could make” opens Eric Sanchez, CEO and founder of the Revl Arc Camera, in an exclusive PSFK interview. “…but when I went back to edit the video, I realized that I had to stabilize it frame by frame—the whole process took me 27 hours just to make a three-minute video.”

As an engineer and extreme sports lover, Eric’s run-in with this technical difficulty fueled his imagination, and soon after he assembled a team to create the first working prototype of what would become the Revl Arc Action Camera. What sets this camera apart from any other is its ability to stabilize in even the most unstable conditions. Whether you’re kite looping on a wavy day, barrel rolling thousands of feet above ground or back flipping during a bungee jump, your footage will always stay level with the horizon.

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