A proposed future devoid of traffic lights, by MIT and researchers

The traffic light is one such example of a device that came out of utmost necessity. Prior to its invention, streets were chaotic with pedestrians, bicycles, horses, streetcars and motor vehicles all competing for the right of way.

But that might be subject to change soon enough. With the advent of driverless vehicles, people are beginning to question whether these costly installations will be necessary down the road. As autonomous cars begin to roll in during the next ten years, they’re anticipated to have astounding vehicle-to-vehicle communication and general ‘awareness’ to ensure that their passengers will arrive at their destination in a safe and timely manner. As such, while Ford, Google and the like all ramp up their research and development efforts, other organizations will be minding the roads. In the first wave of brainstorming this exciting future for the ‘death of the traffic signal,’ researchers from MIT, the Swiss Institute of Technology and the Italian National Research Council have stepped up to the plate to deliver their ideas for a new form of intersection they call Light Traffic.

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