Tone Your Legs and Do Your Laundry at the Same Time

Tone Your Legs and Do Your Laundry at the Same Time

Spin class meets the spin cycle

Azalea Pena
  • 4 march 2016

On those days when 24 hours come up short, the Bike Washing Machine will let you kill two chores with one stone as you can tend to laundry while working out.

The Bike Washing Machine is a designed by Xuefei Liu, Weiwei Li, Xiaoyu Gao Xueyi Wang, Linhao Su, Di Fang, Zhanbing Li, Wen Fan, Deqian Zhao, Liying Zhu, Huan Li, and Mengmeng Hu, students of Dalian Nationalities University. The product, of course, targets the time-crunched as not having enough time to do your laundry or workout has become a too common excuse in a busy, busy world.

Either excuse will no longer work because this stationary will double as a washing machine. When you ride, the pedaling gives power to the washer to spin the laundry inside it.

The Bike Washing Machine first appeared on Tuvie, though it seems it won’t be hitting the market for some time (if ever). Moreover, the load capacity of the washing machine remains unclear as well as how long it would take to fully wash one small load.

bike washing machine

While the Bike Washing Machine will not replace the traditional washing machine or the pains of heading to the laundromat, the machine is note-worthy especially if it will help people cross off mutilple items off the to-do list simultaneously.

Dalian Nationalities University

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