Australian designer looks at war and the impermanence memory in an interactive webcomic

Australian interactive designer and illustrator Stuart Campbell, better known as SUTU, uses art and technology as storytelling devices. In These Memories Won’t Last, he shares the story of his aging grandfather who suffers from dementia, as well as his own heartbreak while questioning the value of memory.

Created during the AIR-15 artist residency in Vienna, the short story explores his grandfather’s illness and how it changed his family. The story isn’t complete without a haunting and beautiful soundtrack by Lhasa Mencur, but perhaps the most gripping part about the narrative is the method of storytelling. While navigating the site, the images moves along as we scroll, guided by a red rope that breaks in parts to give way to his grandfather’s tales. It also serves as a metaphor for rescuing memories from the depths of our mind. To emphasize the impermanence of memory, the images slowly fade and deteriorate as we scroll. Campbell tells PSFK,

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