When Designing a Portable Light, “Flat” Really Matters

When Designing a Portable Light, “Flat” Really Matters

Inside the product design of BioLite's PowerLight Mini

Samantha Cole
  • 3 march 2016

How do you un-bulb the lightbulb?

To bring light to bikes, dark corners of closets, and developing countries, the team at BioLite needed to answer that question. Their solution is the newly-released PowerLight Mini.

Anton Ljunggren, lead product developer, shared his insights with PSFK on how they created the PowerLight Mini:

“We saw an opportunity to create a portable light and power solution that could cross over from camping to weekday use and get rid of a massive gear overlap. As we looked at the shapes that people take with them every day (think about the things you never forget—phone, wallet, etc), we saw that FLAT really mattered.
But traditional lights are anything but flat, so we had a challenge on our hands: how do we unbulb the bulb? 

That was the central challenge with the development of the PowerLight mini: to be as thin as it could possibly be so you could wear it on your shirt, clip it to your bike, or toss it in your pack seamlessly, all while delivering bright light and the ability to charge your devices.”

Below, get an inside look into the preliminary sketches, early stage prototypes and brainstorms that eventually led to BioLite’s ‘lightbulb’ moment—a wearable form factor for its clippable lantern the PowerLight Mini.

Check it out:


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