Hybrid materials combined with digital tech results in cars with 'living' characteristics

This year marks the 100th anniversary of BMW. To celebrate, the automaker hosted an event at their Munich headquarters to reflect on their history and offer a preview of the future of the BMW group of brands. The BMW Vision Next 100 is the first of a series of advanced concept vehicles unveiled this year to show how design and technology will respond to people’s mobility needs in the coming decades.

This is a true concept car that BMW is using to explore four main themes:

How autonomous technology will fit within a brand known as ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ The role artificial intelligence will play as a driver assistant How new materials will alter the design and function of vehicles Retaining the positive emotional appeal of driving a performance car

Designed from the inside out, the Vision Next 100’s cabin is a spacious dome. The vehicle operates in a choice of two modes, manual driving Boost Mode and autonomous Ease Mode.

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