The Folding Bike Gets Connected to the Internet of Things

The Folding Bike Gets Connected to the Internet of Things
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What happens when you combine a bicycle with the power of the world's data?

Eva Recinos
  • 14 march 2016

The Internet of Things continues to change how consumers interact with everyday objects such as appliances. Now, London-based bicycle company Brompton wants to apply this technology to the folding bikes for which they’re best known.

As part of a hack day, Brompton teamed up with software company EVRYTHNG to explore how an Internet of Things-connected bike might look.

In a video detailing the project, Brompton’s Chief Design and Engineering Officer Will Carleysmith shares that the project served as a way to expand the functionality of the company’s current bicycle model:

We wanted to see what would happen if we combined our unique little bike with a cutting edge Internet of Things technology like EVRYTHNG. Can we make a product which is smarter? Can we make the experience of riding it better? Can we make it safer? Can we make it more accessible?

Using the Internet of Things would allow for a highly connected bicycle. Some of the possibilities of this connectivity include “creating real time rules for triggers and alerts,” as EVRYTHNG’s Co-founder and CTO Dominique Guinard explains in the video. Another perk: the ability to connect with other systems such as Nest and web tools such as Salesforce.

Each connected bike would come with a specific identity that would allow tracking of different elements, such as outdoor temperature. Users register their bikes through an app, which lets them to create an emergency screen with important contact information in case of an accident. Other safety features include a function that alerts riders about cars that seem to be getting too close to the bicycle.

According to Quartz, the project is still in the prototype stage and the company will determine what to put into practice later this year.


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