Vancouver will be home to Canada's first zero waste grocery store

Eco-conscious Vancouverites will soon be able to shop at a grocery store that’s entirely packaging-free. Zero Waste Market has been running as a monthly pop-up in Patagonia (an adventure sports apparel store) in hippie-chic neighborhood Kitsilano, and the store is finally looking to open a permanent home.

The store will stock a range of ethically sourced bulk goods: nuts, beans, granola, flour, chocolate, and other dry goods, as well as honey and fresh fruits and vegetables, including a selection of “ugly produce” from local farmers. Customers are encouraged to bring their own containers to fill up. The store is also working with Vancouver Coastal Health to offer bulk dairy products, like milk and yogurt. The jars are weighted on a digital scale, which is set to zero so that customers only pay for the weight of the food.

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