Changing Lipstick Adapts to Suit Different Complexions

Changing Lipstick Adapts to Suit Different Complexions

The shade-shifting product combines beauty and science to match the wearer's unique skin makeup

Marielle Castillo
  • 30 march 2016

Green isn’t the first color that comes to mind when looking for a flattering lipstick shade, but the cult Australian beauty brand Lipstick Queen has a different idea. The Frog Prince lipstick comes in a shocking bright green shade but it might be the secret to the perfect lip color for every complexion.

While it looks more like a hue suited for a movie villain, it transforms into the perfect shade of pink once applied. The magic ingredient is a pigment called chameleon and it’s sensitive to pH, moisture and light, so it will react differently on each person according to their own body chemistry. At $25 a piece, it has become one the best selling lip products in stores like Birchbox, SpaceNK and Ulta.


There is a scientific explanation for the unattractive emerald tone. On the color spectrum, green’s complimentary color is magenta and that helps the chameleon element of the lipstick work its magic to become the perfect pink hue. The unique shade can go from warm and light on some, to cool and bright on others.

Some may see this as this a novelty but it has been around for decades. Its return and the popularity of products with multiple functionality (think lipsticks that can work as both eyeshadow and blush) might be a response to a need for a streamlined and more personalized approach to beauty from a certain crowd, as well as an interest in shrinking cosmetic footprint and creating less waste.

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