CEO of Citymaps on how a community comes to craft location-oriented content

For those who love to visually show their world through their travel experiences, mobile apps such as Instagram, VSCO, Yelp, Airbnb and City Notes are must-have, must-use. But over the past few years, Citymaps has made it onto that list.

Citymaps allows users to create personalized maps attached to rich visuals, aggregating all of your favorite places in any city into a mobile visual grid. But because of the limitations in other apps, users are creating alternative ways to experience places that they visit. Are you gluten-free and want to keep a record of gluten-free places to eat at? Are you an avid traveler that wants to discover all the hidden places within the cities you visit devoid of traditional tourists? Do want to drink yourself across the country, have sex in strange bathrooms and explore hip hop landmarks? Well you can that with Citymaps community of users in visually appealing ways.

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