Drones and 'virtual' rescue volunteers unite to bring speedier aid to survivors

Even when supplied with hundreds of volunteers, rescue dogs, and the cloud-cutting thrust of a helicopter, most search and rescue missions can seem like futile exercises when up against an expansive wilderness. The prospect of improving missions' effectiveness can be a matter of life and death. That's precisely what aeroSee, an initiative pairing photo-snapping drones and factions of virtual volunteers, intends to do.

From up on high, a throng of drones are dispersed in a location of interest, canvassing the area as they photograph in frenzy. It is from this mound of geotagged photography that virtual volunteers will scour for any sign of a person. Upon multiple ‘virtual' team members tagging the same photo, a rescue team is dispatched to the location tagged in that particular file. Through this expanded outreach, aeroSee ensures that survivors can be reached and assisted more quickly, which greatly improves the rate of survival as time is of the essence in these type of scenarios.

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