Smartphone geared toward young professionals refuses to compromise on design or quality

Last month, Obi Worldphone launched the Obi MV1, a smartphone aimed at young professionals in the fast-growing markets of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

Obi partnered with San Francisco-based firm Ammunition, which shares the philosophy that sophisticated design is just as important for the success of today’s phones as what’s inside of it.

But besides that shared belief, it was important that Obi's design partner had some ideas that would set the phone apart in a crowded market. “This is an industry with 200 different brands vying for consumers’ attention. There will be 1.4 billion Android phones produced in 2016 alone, so there needed to be a way to stand apart from the pack,” says Obi Worldphone Co-founder John Sculley. “The components for all these different phones are mass produced, in the same countries, and often in the same exact factories.”

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