Specially packaged chocolates play holographic boy band music videos in Japan

In Japan, the word Kit Kat sounds similar to the phrase ‘kitto Katsu,’ which means ‘Will surely win!’ The chocolate candies have become popular gifts to students as edible good luck charms. Family and friends often give away boxes of Kit Kats before important exams. J. Walter Thompson Japan teamed with the brand to come up with KitMail Holograms, sold exclusively in post offices around Japan before entrance exams to be mailed to students studying far away.

Distant family can handwrite a note wishing the exam taker good luck. The package includes a small plastic screen that can be set up to form a pyramid pop-up screen. The exam taker can prop up the pyramid on top of their smartphones and watch a cheerful music video by Japanese pop-rock band DISH come to life. The boy band, in synchronized red uniforms, dances around and chants the chorus: ‘Everybody fight! Everybody fight!’

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