Confronting Donald Trump's divisiveness with a kindness "wall"

To clear a rising wave of indifference, Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman created 12 Kinds of Kindness, a 12-step experiment to combat apathy in our self-centered world. For their final step, the duo took on the Sire of Self-Love (and Duke of Dissension): Donald Trump – Bogar Alonso, PSFK Site Editor

Step 12: Dive Deep

For this last step we’re going to dive deep into what we’ve learned and try to do something much larger than ourselves. We’ll open this platform to start a dialogue.

Part 1: Build Kindness Not Walls

Before we talk about this step, we’re going to cut right to the chase: We built a kindness “wall” around Trump Tower in NYC this morning. Us, along with about 100 amazing volunteers, stood out front for 3 hours with 40″x60″ boards that spelled out a very important message. There will be a video of this process available to watch later today.

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