VR Headsets Adjust Their Display to Your Vision

VR Headsets Adjust Their Display to Your Vision

"Prescription" virtual reality displays eliminate the need for glasses while viewing

Adriana Krasniansky
  • 29 march 2016

Optical innovator EyeNetra, maker of virtual reality eye exams, is pursuing opportunities to collaborate with VR companies to develop “vision-corrected” virtual reality displays. Whereas current VR headsets are designed with extra room to accommodate wearers’ glasses, these headsets adjust their displays to individual prescriptions for a crystal-clear experience.

After users take off their glasses or contacts and don the EyeNetra headset (which includes a smartphone preloaded with the company’s app), diagnostic software measures how individuals view color patterns and adjusts subsequent images based on this “prescription.” EyeNetra’s self-correcting system is based on the company’s previous products, which transform VR headsets into traveling eye tests for underserved populations.


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