A series of forthcoming dolls breaks the emphasis on appearance-first toys

Few children's books start with a narrative that puts an emphasis on the gender gap in the workplace but, then again, few toy collections are quite like the Willowbrook Girls.

Neha Chauhan Woodward created the series of seven dolls to battle the emphasis of most dolls on appearance. Realizing the need for more complex and diverse dolls, Woodward teamed up with writer Molly Donovan to create background stories for each character.

The first book—which tells the story of Cara Morales-Burch, a half-Latina aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for DIY and crafts—opens with a scene of Cara's mom bringing out “the case” which turns out to be what she used for storing lab supplies. Cara explains her mom studied mechanical engineering and was “one of only three girls in the whole department.”

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