Ford's in-the-works operating system would feature home connectivity

Ahead of the autonomous vehicle bell curve, Ford Motor Company has officially entered the race to create a self-driving car of its own. Though rumors had it that the reputable automaker was teaming up with Google to accelerate production, Ford’s CES 2016 presentation detailed a high-tech design it’s been working on unaccompanied by the tech giant, and with promising results.

Building on more than a decade of research into automated driving, this model actually marks Ford’s third-generation of self-directing automobiles. Having significantly bulked down the sensor arrays required to give their fusions on-road ‘awareness,’ the design features sensor manufacturer Velodyne LiDAR’s latest sensor, the ‘Ultra PUCK,’ which is small enough to fit into the side-view mirrors while extending the sensing range by 200 meters and increasing precision as well.

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