This mega-statue represents team spirit and the new face of manufacturing

A huge royal blue 3D-printed lion now sits at the entrance of the Parc Olympique in Lyon, France, the home stadium for the famed football club Olympique Lyonnais.

Measuring 13 feet high, 13 feet long, two feet wide, and weighing 1.6 tons, the big cat statue took nearly 500 hours to 3D print and more than 20 days of non-stop production. It also required another 600 hours of finishing and assembly. This project requires a notable amount of time and material, but it is precisely what makes additive manufacturing (3d printing) the perfect method for the job. The first 3D printed lion is just one of four mascots that will be used to decorate the stadium. The following three lions, to be painted, red, white, and gold (Olympique Lyonnais' team colors), are expected to be completed between now and April, and will represent team spirit and a shift in manufacturing processes.

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