These chewing gum litter bins are saving one shoe sole at a time

Anna Bullus, a product designer from England, came up with a wonderful idea your soles will love: to turn chewing gum litter into moldable plastic products that can be used by anyone on a daily basis. All you need to do is hand over your used chewing gum to a Gumdrop Bin and Bullus and her team will do the rest.

Bullus’ inspiration came from a personal experiment where she would pick up litter she’d find on the street. She would research on how to recycle every piece of litter she collected, but when she looked into recycling chewing gum, there were zero results. After eight months of experimenting at the University of Brighton chemistry lab, plus another three years at the London Metropolitan University’s Polymers Department, Bullus created Gum-Tec, a polymer-like material made from recycled chewing gum.

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