Turn Yourself Into an App That Friends Can Click On Anytime

Turn Yourself Into an App That Friends Can Click On Anytime

Need to text or call a homie? No problem, personify them as an application for quick contact

Azalea Pena
  • 30 march 2016

This might just be the time to put those selfies into good use. Homescreen Homie is inviting everyone to turn their selfie photos into mobile phone apps that even their friends can have access to.

The Homescreen Homie is certainly unlike any other out there, which made it the talk of the town over at Product Hunt last month. Pablo Rochat, one of the creators of Homescreen Homie, is no stranger to unique and interesting apps. He also created Fart Code, an app that gives a ranked list of food-inducing farts based on a food’s barcode and the Lick, a tongue-controlled app.

Over at Product Hunt, he made the app intro himself, saying:

“Just in time for Valentine’s Day, lets you put your face on your friends’ (or loved ones, if you’re lucky) homescreen, in the form of an app icon. Your friends can tap your icon to instantly text, call or view your Instagram. You can also create a gallery of your favorite Homies on your own phone!”

Although launched during the lovers’ month, Homescreen Homie is still alive and kicking right now. It’s a free web application that anyone can access. Turning yourself into an app will only take three steps: ‘Upload,’ ‘Download’ and ‘Share.’

Homescreen Homie2.png

Rochat mentioned that even your friends can tap your icon and it will direct them to a mini app that can either open your Instagram account, message you or call you. But in order to do this, you will have to send them the link where they can download your smiling face. You can also share the “homie” over at Twitter and Facebook.

From now on, your friend’s faces can be on your main phone app screen just beside your favorite game or fitness app.

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