This gadget looks to the seat rather than the screen for more immersive movie-watching

Tech companies have tried for years to make the at-home movie and video game experience feel more like the real thing, but haven’t had much success. Immersit is a device that makes the viewing experience feel more real by generating vibrations based on what happens on the screen, similar to vibrating seats in theme parks and 4D Motion Theater.

Created by a team of French engineers, the device consists of four discreet pads that can be installed under a couch, chair or bed, and works in conjunction with a mobile app. The pads provide a combination of 1000 movements that match what’s happening on the screen. Once turned on, it identifies the media being played regardless of the source and when recognized, the couch starts tilting and vibrating in sync with the action. While nothing compares to the real deal, the movements still generate a certain level of excitement akin to that of a 4D attraction. The intensity can be adjusted through the app. Right now, it is compatible with X-Box One and 360, Playstation 3 and 4, PCs and over 120 different games.

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