Envisioning a world where machines have feelings, Watson might be the first

Computers are generally viewed as ridged tools, devoid of thought and emotions, but as we progress as a technological society its clear that we’re beginning to see radical changes in the way they operate. In particular, artificial intelligence is entirely altering what it means to be ‘aware,’ and as it continues developing, the line between man and machine is being stretched thin.

IBM's Watson made its debut winning jeopardy against two world champions in 2011. Since then it's gone on to power many of the world’s companies in need of big data, and has recently teased a videogame integration which is said to be making the computer-controlled NPCs (non-player characters) more lifelike. But its abilities are now being extended past his impressive computing power, as IBM begins to enter a more subjective, irrational world. Equipping Watson with a Tone Analyzer and an image recognition engine, IBM envisions a future where AI is mood sensitive.

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