In-App Game Lets Uber Find New Recruits

In-App Game Lets Uber Find New Recruits

The car-hailing app is embedded with a game of code

Leo Lutero
  • 30 march 2016

Recruiters at Uber has found a sneaky way of finding their next hires. Users can now answer an app-embeded quiz while on their ride for a job at the tech company, Business Insider reports.

The game pops-up on the screen as a Code on the Road Challenge. The entire game involves just three general questions about coding.

Uber clarifies with the publication that the game doesn’t target specific people. It insists that instead of hunting down engineers or coders (Debner is employed at Microsoft), the secret game only pops up when the the location of the ride is in a tech hotspot. Business Insider talked to Joshua Debner who first brought the game to light and he said the questions were very general and weren’t specific to his field of interest.

That is to say the fact that the game popped up on a Microsoft employee’s app was just lucky coincidence. Debner clarified he didn’t use his work e-mail for his Uber account and has never tried applying at the company before.

When he passed the quiz, the game asked if he wanted additional information sent to his e-mail.

This novel way of finding talented employees isn’t the first unique effort for Uber. PSFK has previously covered how Uber developed the #Uberbot at CodeFights which human coders can go against for a chance at a job at the company.

Debner, who has shared his experience on Twitter, told Business Insider:

“I don’t know if answering a timed 60-second quiz in a dark Uber when the driver is trying to talk to you is the best way. If someone passes all of it, it’s kind of like a free phone screening.”

Business Insider adds that if you’re hoping for a job at the ride sharing company, riding their cars in Seattle, Austin, Boston, Denver, and Portland could give you a shot.


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