Some Hungry Virtual Architects Built A KFC In Minecraft

Some Hungry Virtual Architects Built A KFC In Minecraft

Finger lickin' good chicken, now available in polygonal form

Andrew Conrad
  • 11 march 2016

KFC certainly knows its target audience. The world’s largest fried chicken restaurant recently employed Moscow-based PR agency Hungry Boys to advertise in Russia, and the result was a competition held in the virtual world of Minecraft to design the most impressive KFC restaurant, one brick at a time.

Minecraft is a pixel-based sandbox-style game in which users can explore, fight, and gather resources, or simply build stuff. Construction in Minecraft has become an art form; Users must manually assemble their visions from raw materials, like a modern Etch A Sketch.

While building unusual things in Minecraft is nothing new—players construct everything from enormous buttocks shaped planets to a 100-floor, 7-million block Tower of Babel—the idea of sanctioning a viral ad campaign through the game is unique.

The KFC contest took place on a dedicated server, and almost 2,000 pixelated KFC restaurants were constructed in an effort to claim the grand prize: an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Some virtual foremen took the traditional approach, aiming to build an accurate representation of a real KFC franchise, while others opted for a more grandiose style, building elaborate castle-like towers. The winning structure, as selected by a panel of gaming bloggers, reportedly took 90 hours to painstakingly build.

The final stages of the contest were broadcast on, a streaming video platform focusing on gaming, and more than 13,000 viewers watched the drama unfold.

Hungry Boys—whose other clients include the World Wildlife Fund, Lenovo, and Garnier—claim that they “were the first in the world to integrate a branded contest into Minecraft,” with this campaign.

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