This Watch Tells You the Time That Matters Most: Now

This Watch Tells You the Time That Matters Most: Now

This is neither a timepiece nor a smartwatch, it's a record of renewed remembrance

Azalea Pena
  • 25 march 2016

When life gets too busy, a gentle nudge can point you back to the right direction. Matters recently created a non-traditional wrist watch that isn’t like any other time-telling device out there. With this watch, you are reminded to live in the moment and focus on what matters most.


With the popularity of smartwatches and luxury time pieces, the Matters collection has separated itself from tradition. Indeed, the brand’s concept is quite unique and the idea all started with the question “what matters and why?”

“Beyond being inspired, we were compelled to pursue this beautiful question. It stirred us as a thought to be lived. More questions followed. Questions like: What if we lived each day like it matters? What should we be saying ‘no’ to? How could we do less but better? What ensued was remarkably simple. A time-less object centered on a renewed remembrance,” the company shared on its website.

Stu Hill, one of the creators of the collection, shared how two guys started pursuing the idea of this stylish accessory. In an email to PSFK, he remarked:

“The two guys who started it have had a standing Monday morning coffee appointment for several years. Over time they began to distill the focus of their Monday AM conversations into the things that matter most in the coming week. After years of meeting with each other, they realized that it’s easy on Monday AM to talk about everything that matters, but how do you truly focus on it? That’s when they had the idea of a stylish accessory that could sit on their wrist as a constant reminder of what to put their primary focus on.”

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The Matters collection can easily go toe-to-toe with the trendy watches of today. However, what makes it special is the reason behind the simple yet purposeful design. The watch is aimed to be a daily reminder of the value of ‘now’ and its overall design and message has stuck to its mission. It may not be a ‘time’piece on your wrist, but it certainly does bring your focus and attention back to what truly matters.


The collection offers several designs. The colors for the wrist bands include sand, brown, black and polka, while the watch’s rim can either be shiny or brushed.

Matters Collection


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