A conversation starter for when you want to say something but have nothing to say

You’ve scrolled through every social media feed and feel like you’ve reached the end of the Internet but aren't quite ready to stop looking at your phone yet. What happens then? Developed by David Barnard, responsible for other successful apps like Perfect Weather, Rando offers a solution to this: random images sent to contacts in hopes of starting a hilarious conversation.

The new messaging app has a pretty simple concept, and a clean and straightforward design to go with it. The user can choose to send a GIF (from Giphy), a quote or a picture from their phone’s library, and send it to a contact using iMessage, SMS, Facebook and Twitter. The app has an option to send photos “blindly”: it blurs out the content so you can’t see it until it sends. This feature can be controlled and while it could lead to a funny moment, it could also go in the complete opposite direction, making it the most disconcerting part about the app.

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