Fidget in This Chair to Charge Your Phone

Fidget in This Chair to Charge Your Phone
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This chair creates electricity through the user's movement

Eva Recinos
  • 2 march 2016

We constantly need to find new ways to charge our phones — mobile charges, waterproof chargers and everything in between. But a uniquely designed chair tether users somewhere instead of giving them more mobility. The idea: let users easily charge their phone by sitting on a chair.

But not just any average chair: Designer Nathalie Teugels created the moov chair, a furniture piece that charges users’ phones with their movement.


According to the Nteugels tumblr, the “presence of piezoelectric crystals or pressure sensors” turns human energy into electricity to charge a digital device. The chair helps keep the user entertained—not only can the movement charge a device, it will keep the sitter moving.

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In a video about the product, a user settles into the moov chair and plugs a phone USB port. The user starts moving back and forth within the chair, almost like you would in a rocking chair, to start the electricity flowing into the charger. The chair’s tag line, “Move to Charge,” perfectly sums up the process. Once the user has conducted enough electricity into the device, they can unplug it and move on with their day.


The way moov works proves especially useful for people that spend a significant amount of time sitting down. Perhaps at least some movement can make a difference in your well-being throughout the day — or can help you charge your phone before the next meeting.


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