Experts share their secrets for creating captivating content at PSFK's annual conference

Whether it's between a brand and a consumer, a news source and a reader, or just two friends, a good story has the power to share cultural values, put us in the shoes of another, or simply entertain. During its flagship conference in New York City on May 13, PSFK will discuss how storytelling pioneers from The New York Times and social media sites are  creating captivating narratives that entice audiences to listen and engage.

At PSFK 2016, we will be leveraging learnings from our upcoming Future of Advertising report to explore new storytelling strategies for digital engagement. Join content strategists Katie Manderfield & Denise Burrell-Stinson from The New York Times T Brand Studio to discuss storytelling implications from the evolving world of publishing during their talk as well as during a pre-conference workshop. Make sure to also check out Beme co-founder Matt Hackett on how his company reimagines personal narratives through social media. 

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