Might this app deliver companies better targeted user engagement and reach?

Tagly aims to reinvent the way brands engage with customers on social media. It seeks to be the first social platform dedicated to exclusively showcasing social media content created by brands and businesses.

Here’s the case for the application: In the age of selfies, user-generated content, and social-led fashion campaigns, social networks prioritize user-created content over commercial content from brands. This, of course, is awful for brands. Brands are focused on creating content that’s valuable to consumers, but most of it gets lost in long social media feeds, alongside posts of political rants, cats or family updates. Yet, there is a sizeable audience that goes to great effort to consume social content from the fashion and lifestyle brands they love. Tagly’s mission is to meet the needs of that audience, elevating brand content and creating a seamless, immersive experience for users to focus on what they love. To do this, the service gives users control—allowing them to personalize their feed to an unprecedented degree.

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