Idea transforms 3D printing into a mobile and easy-to-accomplish exercise

As with any new technology, the prototypes and early generations of hardware are often clunky and cumbersome. It’s only through multiple iterations that we discover a quality-rich and seamlessly operating device, which is where we’re beginning to find ourselves now with 3D printing technology. As 3D printing transitions from high grade laboratories to consumer’s households however, we may find that the way we envisioned the technology during inception isn’t how it’s going to emerge.

Olo is one such company redefining the way we perceive this tech, using the device we all have in our pockets to explore new capabilities. In the same way that the Google Cardboard reimagined the potential of our smartphones, Olo wants to use our phones to 3D print new and exciting structures. From the company’s Kickstarter campaign:

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