A Delivery Service Saves Veggies Deemed Too Ugly for Supermarkets

A Delivery Service Saves Veggies Deemed Too Ugly for Supermarkets

A crate subscription service reroutes unsightly produce to your doorstep

Leo Lutero
  • 11 march 2016

Edible fruits and veggies go directly to waste bins for being ‘too ugly’ to sell in well-lit, air-conditioned supermarkets, resulting in up to 40% produce waste. To fight this loss of good greens, a UK-based service is repacking vegetables and skipping the judgmental retail space by delivery the odd vegetables directly to your doorstep. Through this, Wonky Vegetables is planning to change our relationship with food, making us more accepting of the fact that odd-looking carrots and potatoes are just as good as their pretty cousins.

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On their website, they explain:

Our end goal is not just to sell a lot of Wonky veg but to normalise the purchase and consumption of Wonky vegetables. We feel we should aim for a system in which vegetables are graded only by whether they are fit for human consumption or not.

Each week, subscribers to Wonky Vegetables will get a crate of roughly consistent amount of vegetables at their door. At a fixed price, these crates will contain essentials (potatoes, carrots, onions) along with seasonal produce in shapes and sizes you won’t find at supermarkets. Because the vegetables are ‘uglier,’ Wonky Vegetables offers up to 57% savings against similar crate delivery services.

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The startup also orders 15-20% produce more than needed from its farmers and suppliers. This overstocking covers all produce damaged during transit, making sure contents of the Wonky Vegetables crates are all perfect for human consumption.

The extra, still-edible veggies from this overrun is forwarded to food banks, helping UK families in poverty enjoy nutritious meals. This equates to about 10-15% of the total food processed by Wonky Vegetables that goes directly to charities in need.

Right now, the service is only available within Leicestershire but they are open to requests from interested individuals in other parts of the UK. Pricing starts at £5 for the smallest crate with 4kg of produce, enough to feed 1-2 people every week. For 2-3 people/week box is £6. The largest box costs £8, enough for 3-5 people and contains 8 kg of produce. Each crate requires an added £3.99 to cover shipping and handling.

Wonky Vegetables

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