This hulk of a device combines paper-shredding with the production of a renewed resource

Though self-sufficiency and “DIY” have been very trendy in recent years, there haven’t been many analogs for the office thus far—that is, until Epson stepped up to the plate. The Epson PaperLab, for the ultimate in office self-sufficiency, is the first in-office paper recycler of its kind. Not only does it act as a highly secure paper shredder, but it turns around and uses the resultant confetti to produce new, bright white paper within just three minutes.

In keeping with its prowess with paper as well as inks, Epson offers enough customization options with the machine to satisfy a variety of needs that might come up around the office—you can tweak the thickness and density of the paper that comes out as well as its size, from A3 to business cards. Different binders for the paper fragments can also produce papers that are flame-resistant, scented, or different colors. The system is said to be able to produce around 14 A4 sheets of paper per minute, or 6,720 sheets in an eight-hour workday; depending on where you work, that could be enough to fulfill all your paper needs.

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