Located in Sweden, this ad rewards you with shoes if you can sprint past it at 10.5/mph

Most sneakers sported by a speedy Usain Bolt or Cristiano Ronaldo generally lead to an increase in sales for their respective company. And while the rest of the world seems comfortable passively absorbing the commercials that feature their favorite star athletes, Reebok wants to spread awareness of its new ZPump 2.0s by engaging its potential audience’s athletic spirit for a chance to win a pair of its own.

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, the ad, devised by Swedish agency Animal, prompts passersby to sprint past a built-in accelerometer at a minimum speed of 17km/hr (roughly 10.5 miles/hr) to unlock a glass pane in which holds their prize. In a promotional video featuring unprompted strangers, even those wearing suits and tighter fitting work attire were down to give it a shot, with variable clock-ins.

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