Old game controllers and past tech devices are portrayed in these USB sticks

Each generation has its defining gadgets. What shaped the social interactions and gaming habits of one group of kids will end up seeming like foreign objects to the next.

Romania-based artist Andrei Lacatusu is paying homage to these tech relics in a surprising way. The artist turns objects like a cassette and Sega Genesis controller into USB drive sticks. In a clever twist, the cassette tape USB drive even comes with a clear case.

Though the designs aren't real USBs, they are an exploration into how old tech can be united with new tech. No matter how advanced we get, certain items still bring up old memories. We might have high-quality, super-fast Wi-Fi now but plenty of us still remember the sound of dial-up internet. The next generation won't even know that sound—and a few decades later Wi-Fi could be replaced by some other, sleeker system.

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