For a (hefty) price, you can skip the cinema and see the newest movie at home

In the age where subscription-based streaming is king, is paying $50 for a single movie that streams at the same time as the theatrical release worth it? With Napster's Sean Parker and ex-Chief Content Officer at SFX Entertainment Prem Akkaraju founding a $50 per movie rental service Screening Room, there are a lot of questions to be answered about the future of living room entertainment.

First, before declaring that $50 is just too expensive, we'll look at some pros. Number one is zero waiting time. With Screening Room, that cool new movie is available the day it opens in theaters. Second, no more leaving the house. Gas is saved and no more hiring babysitters if it’s a date. Third, there is no more need to fight the temptation of overpriced popcorn or candy bars.

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