Sephora: From Makeup Store to Beauty Education Hub

Sephora: From Makeup Store to Beauty Education Hub
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The makeup retailer intends to turn every purchase into a 'learning moment'

Eva Recinos
  • 21 march 2016

Beauty lovers know that walking into a makeup store is like wandering into a candy shop. Especially when that establishment happens to be Sephora—a leading name in beauty. Getting lost amidst the many aisles, beauty lovers take the time to try on different products, experiment with looks, and take new and favorite products home. Now, design agency UXUS wants to propel that experience into the future while still keeping a focus on experimentation and learning.

Sephora, Store of the Future puts an emphasis on interaction to create a memorable shopping experience. As the team, UXUS hopes to offer a “complete 360-degree experience, where every purchase is a learning moment tailored to different client needs.”

Customers at the Powell street store in San Francisco can learn a new technique at a station set up with makeup accessories and touch screens. The screen encourages visits to ‘Touch to Begin’ a tutorial. This area, called Beauty Board, allows customers to freely explore products and beauty techniques as well as interact with fellow beauty lovers.


Ultimately, the design is tailored toward transforming “Sephora from a supermarket of brands to the ultimate peer-to-peer education hub for the beauty community.” This is possible through a “more enhanced and connected customer experience” aided by technology.

The San Francisco location serves as the pilot store for this concept, with UXUS planning to open similar stores across the United States.


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