Mirror Simulates Natural Sunlight and Warns When You’re Late

Mirror Simulates Natural Sunlight and Warns When You’re Late

Built-in lights on sensor mirror understand the value of color to make-up routines

Leo Lutero
  • 3 march 2016

The Wide View Sensor Mirror by Simple Human is luxury that goes beyond the shiny, stainless steel finish.

Built-in LED bulbs on the mirror are made to mimic natural sunlight, or the full spectrum of colors, so you can accurately judge how awesome your make-up looks when viewed with outdoor light.

Meant for home use and professional studios alike, the mirror is also app-enabled and connects to the smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Additional features on the app turn the mirror into a minute minder. Pulsing lights will remind you if you’re running out of time during your morning make-up routine.


Aside from the full-spectrum lights that could change the way you see your make-up, the mirror can also mimic other lighting conditions. The app analyzes the color temperatures of previous photos and simulates that using the bulbs on the mirror. This means you just need to pull up a past photo in the office on the app, then check if your make-up translates nicely to the lighting conditions in your office.


Proximity sensors allow for hands-free operation. Just move your face closer to the mirror and it will shine. Move away and the light gently fades away so you know it is about to shut itself off. Built-in batteries ensure you don’t have to worry about wires every time you need a mirror.

The $400 Wide View is the top-of-the-line in Simple Human’s mirror collection. A smaller 5-inch mirror with 10x magnification and built-in lights retails for $130.

By taking advantage of the smartphone’s ability to capture photos and analyze digital colors, this mirror exemplifies how everyday objects can use a connected update.

Simple Human Mirror

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