This Umbrella is Smart, Connected and Unforgettable

This Umbrella is Smart, Connected and Unforgettable
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Connected umbrella tells you when rain's coming

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 18 march 2016

Real-time social sharing weather app Wezzoo’s oombrella wants to make forgetting your umbrella or getting trapped in the rain a thing of a past, by notifying you when you’re leaving it behind and when clouds draw near.


Touted the ‘unforgettable umbrella,’ the world’s first smart and connected umbrella blends utility with aesthetic appeal. Outfitted with hyper-local weather data recognition and tracking, the tool is able to send you a message such as ‘take me with you! It will rain in 15 minutes.’ This is achieved by sensors integrated into the handle, capable of gauging metrics such as pressure, humidity, light and temperature.

The oombrella is manufactured with sturdy Kevlar ribs which make it highly wind-resistant. A screw thread resting atop the canopy allows you to fasten a GoPro or conventional camera to see the world from a taller profile, and all data that oombrella captures automatically gets collected and shared with Wezzoo’s community to fine-tune the company’s data-tracking performance.


When it’s raining and your phone is stashed away, oombrella is equipped with a buzzer and light that lets you know when you have incoming calls or notifications beyond the ones it sends. If you already own an umbrella that you love, Wezzoo is selling the capsule that makes the oombrella ‘smart and connected,’ and will come attachable via scratch or glue depending on preference. Preorder your oombrella today on Kickstarter for €59, available in white, black and shiny finishes and in ‘classic’ and ‘fit-in-my-bag’ sizes.



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