Leonardo DiCaprio turns his attention to buillding consumer interest in sustainability

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio may be once again have another “I’m the King of the World!” moment. The long-time sustainability advocate has promoted conscious consumerism for many years, and his latest move is an investment in home technology company Zuli.

“I saw Zuli as a real game-changer when it comes to people living a more sustainable life,” said Dicaprio, who maintains an active seat on the company’s board of advisors.

The Zuli smartplug is designed to automate different home appliances, as well as home light switches and thermostats. The Zuli Presence™ requires a minimum of three Zuli Smartplugs. When your home has Zuli Presence, any room with a smartplug will know if you’re there or not and will adapt to your physical presence. The controls are set by the dweller through an iPhone app that allows the users to see their energy consumption at a glance with data on usage, estimated monthly cost, carbon footprint and more.

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