Urban thinkers are conceiving of pollutant-absorbing roads and textiles

Designers and materials companies have been experimenting with pollutant-absorbing concrete for quite some time. While not the first, last year saw the introduction of Nemesi‘s Palazzo Italia in the Milan Expo 2015 as a key work that balanced style and biodynamic concrete skin, an engineering miracle. According to the Expo website:

“The general concept of the architectural project of the Pavilion Italy is a urban forest where the building, through its skin and volumetric structure, assumes the feature of an architecture-landscape… [its skin is] made of biodynamic concrete panels, which seem marble on the eyes and to the touch, realized for 80% of reusable materials. In contact with the sunlight, the active principle of the material (‘Tx Active’), patented by Italcementi, allows catching some pollutants present in the air, thus contributing to free the atmosphere from smog.”

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