Green energy lights up as metaphor about innovation and connection in the Netherlands

Green energy plays an important part in creating a more sustainable practice in countries around the world. Citizens in the Netherlands can now see the effects of green energy thanks to a new piece by Studio Roosegaarde.

Stunning green LED beams light up the night sky as part of WINDLICHT, a work that uses windmills, tracking software and cameras to create an eye-catching visual treat at Eneco wind farm.

The project was created to give green energy “the allure it deserves.” Taking inspiration from Dutch windmills of the 18th century, WINDLICHT (which translates to ‘windlight’) tracks the movement of the windmill blades as they rotate more than 100 miles per hour. This interaction between movement and light creates a piece that captures the energy of the windmills and highlights the importance of green energy. Visualizing the energy in this way emphasizes its uniqueness and value.

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