The market may have cooled but there was still plenty to see at New York’s art fairs

This article titled “The Armory Show review – a more thoughtful, less cash-and-carry art week” was written by Jason Farago in New York, for on Friday 4th March 2016 21.04 UTC

What goes up must come down – you just have to wait long enough. After a solid decade of acceleration to hyper-speed, the go-go market for contemporary art is finally slowing down. This winter, after torrid results at Christie’s and Sotheby’s in London (plus continued bloodletting amid the staff’s top echelons), the respected Laurel Gitlen closed her gallery and Paris Photo announced it was cancelling its fair in Los Angeles. And this March, as the American art world gathered in New York for the annual confab of Armory Week (and the opening of the new Met Breuer), the usual champagne-soaked parties have been shadowed with gossip from the sale floor. Contemporary art’s endless party may not be over, but a few folks are definitely headed home.

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