We take a look at cutting edge brands leading the market maturation process

Most gloves today are non-conductive. But with the increased proliferation of conductive thread for various contexts, one can assume that touchscreen-enabled gloves will become more commonplace and increasingly expected, especially for manufacturers looking to make the cut to getting on consumers’ gift guides.

While this type of glove hasn’t been around for incredibly long, the market is quite diverse. A blog post from Wirecutter from 2013 offers a review of some 30 gloves on the market. Most of these designers are keeping an eye on smart devices including tablets, phones and wearables like smart watches. This trend is often rooted in the implications of these new technologies to optimize their unique designs and their patents accordingly, as is the case with Fownes Brothers and Co. which went on to acquire Tabar Inc., a company specializing in performance hardware and has expanded strongly in this niche market. Fownes Brothers is the manufacturer behind many department store brands like The North Face, UGG, Coach, Marmot, J.Crew, and Allen Edmonds. Under this heritage brand company we find U|R Powered, which sells a curated selection of patented capacitive, touchscreen gloves for men and women.

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