Forget spending hours logging what you ate, let your mouth do the work

If you ever sat next to a coworker who slurps their morning coffee and chomps on crunchy baby carrots all day, you are probably already aware that food consumption can be noisy. Could we use those rather annoying sounds for greater good, like fighting diabetes or obesity? Wenyao Xu, a computer scientist from the University of Buffalo claims that we can.

Together with researchers from Northeastern University in China, he designed AutoDietary, a wearable system equipped with a microphone which monitors and recognizes daily food intake by recording and analyzing the sounds of chewing and the frequency of swallowing. The acoustic data from the device are transferred to a mobile app via Bluetooth where a special algorithm identifies what exactly you are eating and how many calories you consume, and adds it seamlessly to a daily log. A huge relief for all those who ever tried to log in a seven-ingredient salad and a five-ingredient smoothie to an online food tracker. The app also provides personalized recommendation on how to improve your eating habits based on your individual data.

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