Startup lets cyclist earn money on their normal riding routines around the city

AdBike, a startup based out of Newcastle, UK, lets cyclists earn a couple of bucks on their daily commute while providing visibility for the advertisers. Riders simply download the app and choose which campaign you want to be part of, and ride to the nearest assembly point to have AdBike’s team mount the sticker onto the bike. Thanks to a special base the sticker will not spoil the bike’s original paint.

Since biking at night on the city’s outskirts and during the middle of the day on the city’s busiest street does not give the brand the same level of exposure, AdBike developed a special algorithm which takes into account time and place of the ride as well as the day of the week. “The advertiser pays only for the distance travelled within the campaign criteria—parking or riding out of necessary zones aren’t rated,” Nikita Zolotukhin, AdBike’s co-founder told PSFK.

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