Beautiful, Centerpiece-Worthy Vase Doubles as a Bong

Beautiful, Centerpiece-Worthy Vase Doubles as a Bong
Design & Architecture

Ceramic vessel incorporates two disparate products into one

Emma Hutchings
  • 3 march 2016

Designed by Castor Design, a Toronto-based practice run by Brian Richer and Kei Ng, Voong is a vase/bong combo that manages to incorporate two products into one stylish design. With the legalization of marijuana on the horizon, this marks an effort to turn a product that would have once been covert into something more worthy of decor.


Voong was shown during Toronto Design Week. Product design company Umbra and platform for independent designers Toronto Design Offsite joined together for the Compact Living Exhibition, which was a response to the fact that half of the world’s population is now living in urban centers where real estate is expensive and space is hard to come by.

The resulting trend towards making small spaces more livable and efficient has led to a need for objects that improve compact living. Voong was displayed as part of this exhibition, as it fits the brief by combining two products in one.

The ceramic vessel can be used as both a vase and a bong, with a different configuration for whether you’re ‘home alone’ or ‘when the parents come to visit.’ As current marijuana laws are loosening, smoking devices are gradually becoming more mainstream. Whereas current designs in this product category tend to be unrefined and lack design sensibility, the tactile quality of Voong’s materials provide a more sophisticated look. The electroformed copper and porcelain give the piece a timeless quality whether it is being used as a bong or a vase.

You can check out the Compact Living Exhibition in the video below:

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