Virtual Reality City Points to the Future of Entertainment

Virtual Reality City Points to the Future of Entertainment

Immersive social environment aims to provide rich cultural and educational experiences

Emma Hutchings
  • 28 march 2016

Arizona-based game development company Timefire VR is developing a virtual reality city called Hypatia that will immerse people in an expansive environment. This ‘city of the future’ will enable visitors to lose themselves for hours, far surpassing the standard brief experiences of current VR demos.


The aim is to provide increased future interaction with VR, with a large space to explore and lots of things to do. There are more than 70 miles of streets in Hypatia, where citizens can stroll along the tree lined canals, watch a play, attend a concert, visit a museum, paint using 2D and 3D tools, explore, shop, or read a holographic book from their virtual smartphone.


The focus of this immersive social environment will be on providing rich cultural and educational experiences in an entertaining setting where collaboration and creativity are the currency. On the Timefire VR blog, John Wise describes the city:

“We at Timefire are creating more than just a game, we are offering a space where people choose what to do and create. It is from the power of our imaginations that we forge the tools, symbols, elements, and sounds that shape human culture. In Hypatia, people will find an environment for exploring and creating all aspects of our potential. This ranges from music, art, education, mentoring, crafting, and exploration. In this virtual city we will not only be the creators but the curators of our emerging world of digital virtual art. Community, camaraderie, and creativity are imperative to Hypatia. We are relying on you, the players, to create the vast dynamics of this city’s culture.”

Hypatia wants to bring people together in virtual reality, providing immersive experiences for those around the world. Timefire VR expects to begin offering early alpha access for exploring this new frontier of gaming in the summer. You can check out the trailer for Hypatia below:

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